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Atzcon, for Swimming Pool Designing, Construction, Development of Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Theme Parks, Equipment Sales & Consulting.
About the Company
Atzcon is a leading Civil Construction & Consulting Company, based in Mumbai City, India. Atzcon is in to various Construction Verticals which Include Infrastructure & Building Construction. Design & Development of Water Parks, Amusement Parks & Theme Parks. Design & Construction of Swimming Pools & Pool Area Interiors, Equipment Sales etc.

Atzcon was incorporated in the year 2001. Since inception the main core focus of the Company has been in to Construction of Buildings, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Corporate Offices / Office Buildings, Schools & College Buildings, Residential Buildings etc.

Besides, Atzcon is also hugely in to Design & Development of Water Parks, Amusement Parks & Theme Parks.

With our Group Company Atz Pools we also undertake Construction of Swimming Pools, Designing of Pool Area Interiors, Sales of Swimming Pool Equipments & Designing / Installation of various fitness related products.

At Atzcon we don't just provide Construction Services but provide a complete set of Solutions for your Requirements. We Conceptualize the Project, we also do the Architectural Designing if needed, Execute & Manage the Construction activities & Design the Interiors / Execute the Designs.

If your seeking the the Latest Solutions in Construction for your Project then you have come to the right place.